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Medicare And COBRA

COBRA is the temporary insurance that allows people to remain insured for 18 months (or sometimes longer) after leaving employment. It is designed to give people time to get another job or find a different health plan. Aside from the expense—terminated employees must now pay the entire premium themselves—it works well for people under age… Continue Reading

4 Common Elder Scams – How To Stay Safe and Fight Back

Elder fraud continues to be a growing problem with millions falling victim to a scam every year. Know the common signs that signal trickery—and what to do if you or a loved one is being scammed. Over two million elderly people are known to fall victim to elder fraud every year. The elderly population has… Continue Reading

Transitioning to—and from—Medicare

This article is from savvymedicare.net and written by Elaine Floyd, CFP® There are two key times when a client may make the transition from existing health insurance to Medicare. The first is when the client turns 65. If the client is already retired and existing insurance is a retiree plan or COBRA or an individual… Continue Reading